Pontiac Fiero - Electric Conversion

The car started life as a 1984 Pontiac Fiero with a 4 cylinder engine and 4 speed manual transmission. The engine and transmission are in the back of the car and it is rear wheel drive. The front originally housed the radiator and spare tire. The center "hump" of the car is where the gas tank was originally installed.

As an example of an inexpensive and practical electric vehicle, here is the Pontiac Fiero that I converted to electric sitting in front of one of the arrays of photovoltaic cells used to supply power to the house and charge the car batteries. The car has a 65 mile range at highway speeds (55-60) and a current top speed of over 85 mph. I commute 30-50 miles round trip with side trips six days a week..

The first thing that is required for conversion is to "lose" the Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) components leaving and marking all wiring for the chassis. The transmission (transaxle) stay in the car and you keep the original clutch and flywheel.

The end result was a car chassis that is fully functional but was missing it's engine, all systems that had to do with the engine such as radiator, pipes, hoses, computers, wires, gas tank, etc.

The final step was to steam clean the chassis to get rid of all the grease and grime from that old ICE.

Of course, not wanting to leave anything alone, I grabbed a couple of cans of paint and gave the old faded gray beast a new look.

Inexpensive and practical. Most any car can be converted using only hand tools.